FS: Tube Driver (SOLD); Free The Tone Junction Box

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SOLD: BK Butler Tube Driver
Excellent as new condition. Perfect working order. Bias version.
UK voltage (has US plug but easily changed to UK).
Comes in original packaging. 
Price: £245 inc postage, PPG.

FS: Free The Tone JB-21 Signal Junction Box
Excellent condition, very light home use only. Perfect working order.
Ideal for use as a pedalboard or rack patchbay.
Comes in original packaging. Velcro on base.
Originally purchased from Denmark for approx £110.

- Terminals: 4x standard 1/4" phone jacks (mono), 2x DIN 7-pin connectors (for MIDI/ARC-3 linking).
- Dimensions: 100W x 550D x 34H mm
Price: £65 inc postage, PPG.

SOLD: Pete Cornish LP-2
Boxed and in excellent condition, three weeks old. Very reluctant sale.
Can be used as a Loop Selector, Isolated Amp Feed, Input Selector & Linear Boost (just like the NB-3).
Price: £410 inc postage, PPG.

SOLD: Origin Effects Cali 76 CD
Boxed and in lightly used condition.
Price: £205 inc postage, PPG.

SOLD: Tapestry Bloomery Active Volume pedal
Boxed and in good, used condition. Velcro and some marks to the base.
Price: £125 inc postage, PPG.

SOLD: Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress UK model.
Post-1999 big box with EHX 24v adaptor.
Some cosmetic marks but works perfectly and sounds tremendous.
Comes with original box.
Price: £130 inc postage, PPG.

Thanks folks!

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