Mars Cowling RIP

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I was just wandering around on Spotify, Wikipedia and YouTube, as I do, and learned that Peter "Mars" Cowling, formerly of the Pat Travers Band, had died a couple of months ago.

Great band, great player.  A belated RIP.

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    Man that's so sad to hear.

    I was a huge Pat Travers fan back in the late 70s and Mars was just an incredible bass player. Bass was my main instrument back then and Mars was easily one of the finest, technically brilliant bass players working in the rock genre during that time. He truly was an idol of mine back then.  Back in those days the Pat Travers Trio with Mars and Nicko McBrain were regarded as gold standard in musicianship. They were so tight and controlled, with so much punch it was breathtaking, nobody else during this period could get close to these guys.

    Check out "It Ain't What It Seems" from the Putting It Straight album. Listen to it loud on a good system or headphones to hear must how punchy it is. The breakdowns in the track are blinding especially the one at 3 minutes into the song.

    RIP Mars and thanks for all the inspiration you gave to me as a young bass player. 

    A piece of my soul has died today hearing this sad news  :'(
    (pronounced: equal-sequel)   "I suffered for my art.. now it's your turn"
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