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As part of my ongoing process to give my customers the best for as little as I can manage ... I have first changed my pickup packaging. Those of you who are familiar with my 'clear plastic boxes' may have noticed that nowadays they have sunk into history. I now used 100% recycled stiff cardboard boxes for all my range, and now I have kicked the ubiquitous bubble wrap into touch too. In an attempt to be as kind to the environment as I can manage, my pickups are now cushioned in acid free tissue paper ... meaning that all my packaging (except my bubble wrap envelopes and a little sticky tape) is plastic free. This is a small thing, but I felt it needed done, as I get alarmed by the amount of plastic that seems to surround everything we buy nowadays.

Next, an issue of phase and wind direction: I believe that not enough pickup companies provide wind direction and magnetic polarity information for their customers, that means when you want to play 'mix and match' with different manufacturers, you basically take pot luck, and are on your own in sorting out phase issues. 

From day one I went with a polarity/wind direction with my single coil Fender type pickups that was a little out of step with some of the major manufacturers. This meant that using third party wiring diagrams and mixing my pickups with other makers took some effort on the part of the customer. It was 'true' to a certain era of Fender's production, sure, but Fender have changed their own winding direction/polarity multiple times in their history. 

Time to sort this one too: from today all Fender style single coil pickups from Oil City will be wound and phase matched to the vintage Fender/Seymour Duncan standard. If you need a pickup wound to match my old standard, I'll happily do that at no extra cost.
So Fender Strat neck and bridge pickups will be wound South up, right facing, top going (anticlockwise when viewed from the top).
While RWRP middle pickups will be wound north up, right facing, top coming (clockwise when viewed from the top). 

Likewise Tele Bridge pickups will be wound South up, right facing, top going (anticlockwise when viewed from the top).
And RWRP neck pickups North up, right facing, top coming, (clockwise when viewed from the top).

We have cut our 'stock in hand 'down ready for this changeover, and the last three old wind direction Tele pickups are in the classifieds right now
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