FS - Full board: Boss, Walrus Audio, Cusack, TC Electronic, Ernie Ball, EHX, Pedal Train

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I am considering selling my full board either as a whole or separate pedals. I simply don't play electric enough to be able to justify having an ever growing pedal board when a Helix/HX seems to be able to fit my needs quite nicely. I can take more in depth pictures if needed and all can be collected from Gateshead for free or posted at buyers expense. All pedals are fully working with no issues. If you would like any more info on them then just ask!

 Prices and conditions below:

Boss TU2 £40 - OK Condition, fair few scuffs.
EHX White Finger £65 - Good condition
Cusack Screamer (Orange Case) V2 £105 - Good condition
Walrus Audio Voyager £120 - Excellent Condition
TC Electronic Mini Spark £35 - Excellent Condition
Ernie Ball VP Jr £70 - Excellent Condition
Boss DD500 £210 - Excellent Condition
EHX Cathedral £105 - Good Condition

Pedal Train 2 (Soft gig bag) £60 - Excellent Condition

Or can do full Pedal Board for 10% off everything including One Spot PSU for £730.

Would consider P/X for a Line 6 HX!

I can't seem to get the image to embed... So the link is below:


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