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Hi all, after an "acoustic tent" type short gig yesterday I've learnt a few things - mainly that I enjoy gigging, but that acoustic guitar plus vocals is not a good format for me.

I fancy looking to get a few more songs together to try and put together a live set to try to get the odd gig here and there, but mainly to use those odd gigs as the target point for lots of useful practice rather than faffing about with GAS and never finishing anything.

Anyway I'd probably need to use some form of backing track as I don't have any musical friends to join in, and I tend to use the electric style drum machines when I record anyway so would be cool to replicate that on stage too. Then play electric guitar and keys over those backing tracks, which would essentially contain everything I can't play myself due to a lack of hands.

What's the best kit for this type of idea? I'm wary of using a laptop as I'd need to buy a new one for it and that seems a minefield, and I don't trust them not to freeze or fall off etc.

I thought maybe one of those digital DJ deck things with storage could hold the Wav files and provide a bit of an easy visual method of starting and ending songs, plus it would look less clunky than me fiddling with a laptop between each song.

Edit: just remembered my stage piano keyboard thing can play audio files and midi files too. With the midi thing presumably i could hook that up to an actual drum machine but then I guess I'd have the issue of bass and synths still to include

I know generally backing tracks are considered naff but I think that's based more on singers who do posh karaoke isn't it? It seems to have worked well for The Kills and that's the sort of sound and style I'd be going for.

I know there are techniques and different practising required for this but I'll address this as I go along with the practising.

Thanks all
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