NGD: Atkin J45 'The Forty Three'

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You know when it just 'happens', and you find one that just fits, works and sounds like the 'sound in your head' ?

Well, I've been acoustic-less for a while now, after I sold my Collings OM1 Custom. The Collings was a lovely guitar, but just a little bit too 'stiff' for me, if that makes sense...

Anyway, I had an inkling that a Gibson would be for me, as most of my 'heroes' I grew up with played them, and the records I heard were full of those things.

So, I entered into GG and told the guy my thoughts and possible requirements. I played through a J45 Standard, a J200, a J45 Standard (best of the Gibbos actually), and a Studio (I think...)

Then, the guy handed me the Atkin. Now I don't know much about them, although some of you had recommended them to me. It was light years ahead of the Gibsons, in every way.

It was bang in tune, had a louder and more sweeter, musical throw; was a great strummer, and a lovely finger picker. The action was perfect.

And it has a gorgeous aged relic feel to it. I haven't got to worry about bangs and scrapes, and it is already 'worn in'.

Needless to say, it came home with me  (Website photos below).

This model is originally based on the Buddy Holly 1943 model.

"The Forty Three pays homage to the legendary banner-era J-45, a classic design that has inspired us both as players and guitar makers. After working with the Buddy Holly Guitar Foundation to recreate Buddy’s 1943 J-45, we decided to permanently add this exacting replica to our range.

Direct and powerful, but with an easy-playing shorter scale length, it’s easy to see why this guitar has been favoured by so many singer-songwriters over the years. The big-bodied J-45 shape, combined with a Sitka spruce top and mahogany back and sides, delivers warm mids, solid lows and great definition. It’s a timeless acoustic guitar tone."

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