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Recently I came across a small stash of great sounding germanium transistors with the right gain/leakage specs for a Fuzz Face. So I have decided to do a limited run of Fuzz Face clones with expanded controls. I present to you, the Black Moon.

The Black Moon is a Fuzz Face clone with expanded features that allows for classic fuzz tones in a more convenient and versatile pedal. 

Loaded with a pair of selected and tested Germanium NOS transistors.

In addition to the original Volume and Fuzz controls that the original Fuzz Face had, the Black Moon has Bias and Input control as well as a three position Low toggle switch.

The Input control alters the signal level and impedance at the input of the fuzz circuit. Fully clockwise (all the way to the right) is the original Fuzz Face setting. Turning the Input control down affects the overall gain and impedance of the circuit. This results in a difference to the feel and eq of the fuzz and can also allow other pedals, such as a Wah, to interact better with the fuzz. 

The Bias control affects the electronic tuning of the transistors. This control can be useful to compensate for differences in temperature which can affect the transistor bias of a Fuzz Face. (This only applies to Germanium transistor versions.) Additionally, the Bias control can used to intentionally alter the sound of the pedal. Different settings provide different tones and a different feel to the fuzz. It is worth spending some time experimenting with different settings of the Bias knob.

The Low toggle switch controls the amount of bass being fed into the circuit. This can help tighten up the low end and provide more tonal options.
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