SOLD Genelec 7050A Active Subwoofer

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I am selling my subwoofer because I have a new PMC monitor setup. The PMC speakers go down to about 40Hz anyway and the PMC Sub to 22Hz! 

I have used this Genelec sub with a pair of 1029As for about 10 years and it has been fantastic. I am going to keep the 1029As as they are such handy compact monitors to have around but I really can not justify keeping the sub. Anyway, it is a fantastically smooth subwoofer that goes down to 38Hz and integrates seamlessly with Genelec 1029,2029,8030 and 8130 speakers. You could also use it with those types of speakers to create a surround system.

There are a few scrapes and marks on it from where it has been under my console desk but nothing major, just cosmetic.

A good review here:

Genelec info & specs:

The Genelec 7050A Active Subwoofer is a very compact low frequency loudspeaker, incorporating all the amplifier and crossover electronics needed to combine it with Genelec 8030A and 8130A monitors. Adding the 7050A to one of these system creates a compact nearfield monitoring system capable of a flat frequency response from 38 Hz to 20 kHz (± 3 dB).

The amplifier unit, which is integrated into the cabinet, consists of the active crossover filter, driver overload protection circuits and a power amplifier. Two input connectors and adjustable sensitivity provide easy connection and adaptability to different acoustical conditions.

The Genelec Laminar Spiral Enclosure™ (LSE™) bass reflex cabinet is made of a sheet metal rolled into a spiral shape and clamped between thick MDF side panels. This new construction technique provides excellent laminar flow characteristics with minimal turbulence noise and enables an optimal packing of a very long reflex tube into a small space.

Technical Specifications

Free field frequency response ( ±3 dB): 38 - 85 Hz

Maximum short term sine wave SPL output in half space, averaged from 45 Hz to 85 Hz @ 1m: > 100 dB SPL

Self generated noise level in free field @ 1m on axis (A-weighted): < 15 dB

Harmonic distortion at 95 dB SPL @ 1m on axis in half space (40 - 85 Hz): < 3%

Driver, magnetically shielded: 200 mm (8")

Weight: 15 kg (33 lbs)


Height 410 mm (16 1/8")

Width 350 mm (13 3/4")

Depth 314 mm (12 3/8")


Short term output power (Long term output power is limited by driver unit protection circuitry): 70 W

Amplifier system distortion at nominal output: THD < 0.08%

Mains voltage: 100/200V or 115/230V

Power consumption (average): Idle 10 VA

Full output 100 VA

You can collect from me in Kent near Folkestone or I can post at a cost of £25 insured. I will pack it carefully. I could possibly arrange to meet someone halfway if the are a good distance away. I have this on eBay at £390 + postage. FB price is £350 PPG + postage.

Edit: typo in model formats

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