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Hello Everyone!

I'm more than pleased to introduce myself and my works to the Fretboard members. My name is Bart Socha and I'm a founder of Solomon Custom Guitars.
Solomon Guitars it's a result of my over 18 years journey as a guitar player and maker.  I've been endorsing Ibanez back in a day and Lootnick Custom Guitars. I released an LP with Joseph Magazine band and played a lot of gigs. I used to be a performance player that was always unhappy when it comes to instrument playability. There's always been something not right... weak pickups, neck like a shovel, sh...t buzzing fretwork when layed strings on them or tuning problems.  All of those disappeared when i went custom in 2012 and since then I was learning from the master of guitar making in Poland ( until I came to the United Kingdom.
For the last 3 years or so I've been experimenting with designs and other stuff that might be added to an instrument to make it sound better. 
I also like to add some of the weird stuff to experiment and to check the influence on the sound. Occultism is my second biggest passion so it was more than fascinating to observe how certain sacred geometry shapes hidden in the guitar body are influencing the sound and feel of playability.  There's NO hysterical angelic communication, channelling or anything ridiculous like this. There's just math and directing the frequencies. The first guitar was done some time ago and the results were just but amazing. I've improved the process and details and here I am Making from scratch, customising and repairing guitars for you guys.
It took me a while to develop my works to perfection. I am obsessed with perfection in guitar making because it leads to the final feel when you play. All of the components are top shelf, very carefully selected.  NO China NO Indonesia Handmade with care

I'm also providing proper guitar service - set-up, fretting, customising, ageing (relic), rescuing broken headstocks etc. I'm doing my best to make the service in no time cause I know how annoying the waiting for guitar is. 
Exclusively for the Fretboard members, I'm offering 30% off discount for first guitar service to experience the quality of my work. We all know that you need to check it first

Please visit my website or more details, pics, contact etc

For now, I'm based in Derbyshire but next year I'm moving to the South of England.

Thanks very much for attention guys.

Cheers !!


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