hello after some time im back :)

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After some away of the forum where I am again this time with a new model,  RM model 
This is a model influenced in OM model but with some diferences in the design and in the inside as well.

Some of you can say "why change a good thing such a OM model?" well try new things is a thing that I can't avoid  -  anyway the changes are not so mush as you can think of but they exists.

In the shape this guitar as a different influence as well, the prominent tight waist of the campaniça, Portuguese tradicional instrument .
In measures is slightly big in low bout and the upper bout there are not diference.

This guitar I have done some finishing tests and I didn't liked none  , then I decided that, in this guitar, use varnish a very thin amount in the soundboard and oil open pore cack and sides, well I have used oil and sandpaper to fill some poros because the padauk as lot of poros.

In the end this is what came, hope you guys like it.
This can be seen and tested at The London International Guitar Show 2018 in the next 28 of October 
I hope to see you guys there


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