SOLD: 10-String Rosewood Chapman Stick and accessories

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I'm selling my Chapman Stick #2053 as I don't play it any more.

Here's the spec:

- 10 String Standard Tuning light gauge string
- Rosewood
- Paua Inlays
- PASV-4 “Block” pickup
- Black/Chrome Tuners
- Flaps and Rails
- MIDI "The Grid" - Roland GK-2A Pickup Module on melody side
- Strap

Also includes:

- Hard Moulded Flight Case
- Soft Gig Bag
- Adjustment spanner
- Stereo to 2 mono cable
- Stereo to stereo cable
- One set of light gauge strings
- One set of medium gauge strings
- 5 spare first strings
- Stick Stand

This is instrument #2053 which has had one previous owner before me. The previous owner ordered it new from Stick Enterprises in June 2001 (I still have his original receipt), so I'm not sure if it was made and delivered in 2001 or 2002. I bought it from him in 2003. Since then it has been used lightly at home, and not used at all for the past 5 or so years.

Condition of this instrument is good as I’ve hardly used it. A couple of the switches on the PASV-4 are slightly crackly when turning them, but could probably be sorted with a blast of an air cleaner or similar. Everything is working, although I can’t demo the MIDI module as I no longer have an interface or cable for that.

I'm afraid I won't be shipping this, as I'd like the buyer to try it out first. Potential buyers are welcome to come and try it out. I'm in north Wales.


Selling all of the above for £1100.
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