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Last month I started doing open-mic nights, but had to borrow a mate's acoustic to perform, due to the lack of pickup in my GS-mini.

So, after a bit of research I decided to eschew the ES-GO even though the mount for it came pre-installed in the guitar - it got mixed reviews at best, and I knew from my old singer using a soundhole mounted magnetic pickup in his acoustic that I might not like the sound very much anyway.

So, settled on the K&K Pure Mini, which had the advantage of simplicity on its side - no worries about battery changes, no drilling, and also anything more expensive seemed a bit daft on a guitar that was £450 new.

Installation was pretty easy really, but it felt a bit high stakes as I maneuvered each of the 3 transducers in, laden with glue - you get three chances to mess it up!

Strung the guitar back up, and was pretty relieved when it worked. I'm really happy with the sound. One of the potential criticisms of the K&K is that it has lots of bass, and that's certainly true, but I think in the smaller guitar it's really well balanced and that extra low end gives it some much needed depth. Volume across the strings is good, there's a nice clarity to the pick attack without that naked, plinky/ spiky sound that some acoustic pickups give you. Plenty of output, too. I've used it direct into my computer, into my Line 6 Helix, and into a random acoustic amp at the open mic I did this week.

This is direct into my soundcard, no processing;


You can hear that the low-mids are a little prominent, I found if I took down about 2dB around 450hz with a relatively wide filter it balanced them out. But that's well within the variables of whatever system I'd plug into, so I don't consider that a problem. And (whispers)... I quite like those body resonances on acoustic, though I know it's in vogue to scoop the mids right out of acoustic sounds.

I've heard this system is more prone to feedback than one that incorporates an under-saddle piezo or magnetic pickup style, but, in conjunction with a feedback stopper in the soundhole, I've not run into trouble yet.

So... in conclusion, very happy with the K&K, and I'd recommend it for anyone wanting a simple plug-and-play solution for amplifying their acoustic.
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    Great review bud, they are really good pickups and mine has served me very well in the year or so that I've had it. TPS did a great couple of videos about getting good sounds out of an acoustic and they had a guitar with a K&K in it, and though they said it needed some good eq'ing, it certainly sounded very good once they had.

    I've just picked up an LR Baggs anthem and so will be moving the K&K on, but for the price they cost they are head and shoulders above a lot of pickups

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    I'd always far rather a pickup with too much bass than one with too little - it's much easier to remove excess bass than it is to add more to a sound which doesn't have enough without causing feedback issues.
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