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Hi all. 

I’ve a fair bit of gear to clear out and bugger all time to do it. 
I spoke with @TTony about the possibility of putting pics and info up on a website so as not to swamp the classified section or lose my mind bumping individual threads and he gave me the thumbs up so here we are. 


Prices are:
1973 Guild Starfire £1500
2005 Gretsch White Penguin £1700
Fane AXA 12 x3 £100 each
Barefaced ‘69er £750
1970s Matamp 1x15 £250
4x Goodman’s Audium 12-p £80 each
1971 Orange Matamp 1x18 £1200
1973 Orange Matamp OR200 with transitional faceplate £3300
Teenage Engineering PO12 £35 WITHDRAWN

I’ll be posting more as I get chance. 
Feel free to ask question and offer trades. 

I’d be interested in the following but probably not guitars or amps as that kind of defeats the object.

Elektron Digitakt
Novation Circuit 

Fender 6G15 reverb unit
T-Rex Replicator tape echo

EQD Arpanoid
WMD Geiger Counter
Dwarfcraft Manglers

To be honest,  I’m a gear whore. Most things I can find a use for. Try me. 

Thanks for reading. 

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