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Hi all. 

I’ve a fair bit of gear to clear out and bugger all time to do it. 
I spoke with @TTony about the possibility of putting pics and info up on a website so as not to swamp the classified section or lose my mind bumping individual threads and he gave me the thumbs up so here we are. 


Prices are:
1973 Guild Starfire £1500
2005 Gretsch White Penguin £1700
Fane AXA 12 x3 £100 each
Barefaced ‘69er £750
1970s Matamp 1x15 £250
4x Goodman’s Audium 12-p £80 each
1971 Orange Matamp 1x18 £1200
1973 Orange Matamp OR200 with transitional faceplate £3300
Teenage Engineering PO12 £35

I’ll be posting more as I get chance. 
Feel free to ask question and offer trades. 

My new job means that I need to get my hand in with synths. Which is great as I needed a synth addiction like I needed a second aperture for pooping. 

I’d be interested in the following. 

Moog stuff, Particularly DFAM and the Minitaur. 

Fender 6G15 reverb unit

exotic effects

To be honest,  I’m a gear whore. Most things I can find a use for. Try me. 

Thanks for reading. 

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