FS - Gibson Les Paul Traditional T 2016 Wine Red - £1250 *** sold ***

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Paid up member of the R8 club now, so looking to move this on and introduce some variety into my diminishing collection.

Bought from the forum not so long ago.  It is very well looked after, just back from a tech with a fresh set of 10s in E standard.  Gibson don't seem to be doing Wine Red at the moment.

The pickups have been changed and changed back, this was professionally done (I have receipts) and all the parts are original.  The only marks I can find are one along the bottom edge and a few little ones around the control cavity, these were difficult to photograph.

There's the odd bit of wear on the case.  Some of the case covering has come loose on the bottom, it was like this when i got it and hasn't got any worse since.

'57 classic Alnico 2 pickups, pretty fat neck as far as necks go, but slim feeling compared to the R8 :-)

Full manufacturer's spec:


And finally, this is why you need a red Les Paul:

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