Big thanks to Wez

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Ever since I had the Monterey Pop Strat made, I’ve battled trying to get it to play as good as it looked, tried everything I could think of (did my best ever fret work on it, so good learning exercise!). 

I had got the action in a good place, but the string alignment was out (tried a neck reset or two!) and could not get the guitar to intonate. 

Had to admit defeat and call in someone who knows what they are doing... calling @WezV :) 

Wez drilled out the existing bridge holes, plugged them and redrilled in the right positions. 

Got the guitar back today, delighted with how it now plays and it’s actually in tune!! So happy, as you may have seen in the classifieds I was at the point of selling this as I just couldn’t get it to play well, it’s 100% a keeper now :D 

Just to show the difference (right hand side is before);

Wez also very kindly resprayed the headstock face for me in place of the oil finish I had done, as I’d always regretted not sending the neck to @lamf68 when he did the amazing paint work for me, looks much better :)
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