TV sound bars/speakers/ additional sound gubbins..

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Mrs L asked me what i wanted from Christmas.. i gave my usual vague, non-committal answer. Then she used some witchcraft and made me commit to an answer. Then she used some other bamboozling trickery to made me do my own research. So i'm now getting you to do my research..

Basically, i would like an additional speaker system/soundbar for the TV. I use TV for playing music etc so speakers would be a plus.. I've also acquired an Amplifi TT which is small enough and discreet enough to hide somewhere around the TV and easily be plugged into said speakers/soundbar.. 

Budget isn't massive (also buying a house so currently haemorrhaging money), but saying that, i would happily wait and put a bit more towards it later on.

I have no idea on these as i've never really felt the need for it.. but new house, new sound, hidden amp etc.. So i've seen the cheap polaroid type ones, and i assume are best avoided.. but from there on.. no idea..

What do you reckon?
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