Luthier performance clinics

We have finally got our ducks in a row on this. 
Full details at on our website here   and tried copying below but it was too big 

We are aiming to start with the stated agenda 

However, anyone really interested is welcome to get into a dialogue about what they want from it. 

Participants will be initially watching explanation / demo techniques and also learning about some simple tools, guides etc we have developed that help you get things accurate. As far as practising on examples or making progress with any projects delegates bring with them, we will look to meet individuals needs .

 In between these sessions there will be time to use these , employ the techniques learnt on your own, pieces, inc fret work , nut cutting etc, but also fret levelling.   

Any feedback, very welcome. 

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    A couple of questions raised about the content and can things be put into practice.  

    Firstly, the clinics are limited number ( max 5) . They are intended for guitarists/ self builders who are happy doing basic set ups etc but are not yet confident with truss rod adjustment, cutting nuts, levelling  frets and or doing any real fret work etc. 

    The aim is to look at these areas which can be a barrier ( I know from my own experience) beyond the basic set up type course , so to give a tried and tested approach, see the results and develop the confidence to tackle them yourself. 

    Setting up becomes easy when , the assembly is correct, neck is aligned for playability, the frets are correctly levelled, the work on the nut suits the players needs and you are clear on the impact of truss rod adjustment / neck relief etc. So those are the things  we aim to focus on.  

    Making progress with your own projects during the clinic

    If you have a  new or work in progress project. It will be possible in between sessions to use some of the technique learnt , make some progress on your own projects if you so wish.  

    planned agenda

    Accurate Assembly

    Neck joint compression, fitting for accuracy and strength
    S-type tremolo fitting, alignment for playability

    Fret Levelling for confidence

    Under string tension to enable best action and playability.

    Nut work

    Accurate cutting and shaping.

    Custom Shop Fretwork

    fret end shaping, edge rolling
    re crown top surface after levelling
    polishing after the above

    Truss rod adjustment, relief set

    After earlier set up of alignment and fret levelling, this section looks at truss rod adjustment and the effect of neck relief on playability.

    Tools for custom shop quality

    A key focus will be how to equip yourself with the specialist tools that you need to do the above with custom shop quality and in a very cost effective way. 

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