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Dear fellow guitarists, builders & finishers,

Luthier Performance Clinics - extra dates in July and Sept 2015


A huge thank you to those attending the first Wudtone Luthier Performance Clinics starting next week. It is no surprise that many of our customers want to enjoy creating a gorgeous, super resonant, custom shop quality guitar and to this end we are delighted to be able to offer extra dates in July and Sept 2015. Click here to book your place. The numbers are limited to 2-3 per clinic. This is so that delegates will be able to bring their own body/neck pieces and make hands on, assembly/fretwork progress, with their own projects during the two day clinic.  

Wudtone - Luthier Performance Clinic - course content here

Invitation to Experience Wudtone

Along with the newly built clinic workshop, we have also added a comfy demo area where you can (by appointment) pop in for a chat, enjoy a drink and experience Wudtone's innovations.  


In this demo area you can test for yourself guitars with silky smooth neck finishes, super thin, resonant body finishes, alongside stock Fender examples. You can try out our much loved CP Holy Grail,  CPVT hardware and experience the feel, tuning stability, dynamic and tone benefits they deliver. Amps/effects in the demo area include class A, Marshall Plexi clone, Rivera, Okko overdrive and Neo Ventilator II , Ditto II looper.

We are quite conveniently located just 10 mins from the M4, nr USK, South East Wales and within easy reach of a number of major cities, Cardiff (40 mins), Bristol (30 mins) and Birmingham ( 75mins), Postcode NP15 1LT. 

If you are curious and want to experience Wudtone's guitar innovations for yourself please do not hesitate to get in touch either via reply to this email or tel 01291 671515. 

Meanwhile, thank you to all customers for your continued support and we look forward to seeing some of you at the clinics, or popping in for a coffee later this year. Here's to a tone friendly Summer in 2015.

Cheers Andy Preston

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  • andypwudtoneandypwudtone Frets: 287

    First testimonial from one of the lovely gentlemen who attended the first of our 

    Hands ON! - Luthier Performance Clinics

    "I have just arrived home after the second, and final day of Andy's - clinic.

    Two of us took part in the sessions, I took along my partly built guitar. The two day course covered a lot of ground including accurate assembly, fret levelling, crowning the frets, fitting and cutting the nut. I have tried to do this before, but with limited success, however with Andy's guidance and help  I have learned how to achieve these skills accurately and efficiently resulting in a guitar that is really lovely to play, and I now have the skills and confidence to improve my other previous efforts!

    Above all it was a thoroughly enjoyable couple of days.

    Thank you Andy it was great fun." 

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  • andypwudtoneandypwudtone Frets: 287
    edited June 2015
    Extremely satisfying outcomes, testimonials from customers who attended the first of these clinics. 

    It is early days but the fine fellows who attended both came with projects that needed, some assembly sort out (neck, trem , alignment and fitting) , plus a full fret level, re crown, polishing, nut cutting etc , We managed to get through all of the learning which they then put into practice on their own projects in the two days. 

    So anyone thinking this might be for them , please note you will gain max value, hands on experience and satisfaction when you bring along such a project ready for assembly etc. 

    web site updates , course content below at http://www.wudtone.com/2012/03/21/luthier-performance-clinic/   kind regards




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  • blueskunkblueskunk Frets: 2376
    Nice. :)
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