Damn and blast - bust someone else's trem!!!!

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My boss at work has a cheap and rather poor Charvel in an unplayable state - damaged fret, intonation all level with eachother(!), trem all over the place etc. As I like doing up guitars I said I'd get it sorted over the weekend. I noticed from the back that the trem block had crumbled away a bit and pointed it out to him. Anyway, stripped it down, fixed the fret and polished them all, checked the electrics and then started to reassemble. DISASTER!!!! I put the springs back on the trem block, merely lifted it up from the guitar body, pivoting to get it level - and it crumbled and broke off the base plate!! Unbelievably cheap crap, but now I need to try and do something to fix it???? A bit of research and it is a Jackson JT280 (WB2). A Floyd Rose license apparently made by Wilkinson. 

I don't think I'm gonna get a replacement block from anywhere - anyone got any ideas on that??? I guess I'll have to try and find a replacement trem from somewhere :(

This is the type of trem, useless cheap bastard that it is ....

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