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I lent my Bad Cat Cub 3 to Koneguitarist for a rock band gig he is depping for because he was worried that this amp wouldn't have enough oomph. We agreed to review each other's amps. I was doing a solo rock gig with backing tracks and would normally have used a a Kemper direct. This time I took my pedal board and went straight in the front of the Excelsior. Taff has replaced the stock 15" with a Jenson 12" and also the stock cabinet with a nice pine one. I was initially greeted with a nice round clean tone so good start. He also has a Peavey DI box installed in the back between the amp and speaker which is a great speaker sim for going direct to the desk. This worked really well as expected as I know the unit well. The amp sounded great through the PA and took my Suhr Riot really well. The tone was full and there was easily enough headroom for this gig. I was really pleased with the whole experience. Sorry, not much of a review but I'm just chilling out with a glass of wine post gig. I'll update when I've slept on it.....
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