Bad Cat Cub III and Marshall 1x12 cab

Well as @firepaulmusic mentioned earlier in the Excelsior thread, I borrowed his Bad Cat amp last night. You can check up exact specs on amp on BadCat website, suffice for me to say, it's a bit of an old school amp with some modern twists in flexibility.
The great news is it's an amp, that you can just plug in and play, it's warm yet with plenty of top end and tonal range no matter the guitar you use. Using my Esquire and after Paul turned up to make sure I sort of understood what all the buttons and knobs did, I very quickly dialled in a tone that I was happy with.
What I did like was it was not all about how much gain it had on tap, but the way it delivered its tone, simply and without fuss. The boost function, I felt could have been set a little higher as to me there wasn't quite enough of a boost for me, this might have been because I had amp up fairly high and being only a 15w it saturated more than boosted at that point. 
It's basic clean tone reminded me of an old S/F Deluxe reverb I had, as the tone had so much body without losing distinction and being flabby with bass end. I could imagine any country jazz or Blues player being extremely happy with this amp, and yet a pedal or two turns it into a great workhorse for all genres. 
The only criticism I have and it's one from having so many great fender amps in the past, the reverb is a short Spring tray ( I assume Accutronics) and it's a bit all or nothing as they invariably are compared to long tray versions. An amp of this cost and quality I feel the long tray should have been standard, but a minor quibble when you get a tone like the BadCat puts out. 
I was playing with a pretty loud drummer, yet had more than enough power on stage, but I still Mic'd it through PA just to spread the sound as we were in an alcove.
What more can I say apart from Cheers Paul, what a great amp. 
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