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I wanted to completely replace the pickups and wiring in a Gibson 335 I have. I have replaced one-off pots and jacks etc through f-holes before, but because this was a bigger job I wanted to make surely I had quality parts. 
Toyed with the idea of starting from scratch with individual components, but after hunting around, I found Bloodstone. 
Started by emailing, asking if the Les Paul loom would fit a 335 guitar, couple of other questions too. 
David was quick to respond and very helpful. So I ordered! Loom was sent first class next day, arrived tidily boxed and with a good clear diagram. 
Before I started the install, David answered another query about grounding for me, again, very helpful.
The loom itself was impeccably wired, same standard as a loom I got from Shugz Loomz (remember him?) a while ago. 
Beautiful clean soldering, heatshrink where required, quality CTS pots, little rubber bands grouping wires neatly together. 
A really nice touch was little inch long extension lugs where the pups were to be soldered, made my job very easy. 
The hard bit was getting it all through the F-hole! But once it was all threaded through, it worked first time.
All in all a really good bit of kit, more than happy to recommend Bloodstone if you need a wiring loom made.
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