Chord Of The Week 7/1/17 - a G7 from "Shout Out To My Ex" by Little Mix

bigjonbigjon Frets: 606
Cheating even more outrageously on the date - I have a busy weekend coming up! This week's chord is played as the second chord of the second verse (the rhythm guitar is silent for the first verse and chorus). The first chord of the progression is the I chord F 133211, then comes our chord the II major chord

G7: 355463

I like the way the F note at xxxx6x stands out as a counter-melody continuing the same note played at xxxxx1 in the first chord. The melody of the song is A xxxxx5 over the F chord then G xxxxx3 over this G7 chord, so the most prominent note on the guitar creates an ear-enticing clash with the melody note just a tone higher.

The chordal move of starting on the I chord then following with a II major chord reminds me of Stay With Me by the Faces.

You can hear the chord at 1:26 in this video.
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