Long shot - Guitar player available (Glasgow area)

shugzshugz Frets: 651
Guitar player seeking band, project or maybe a session or two. I can but dream.... :)

Experienced player with many gigs, tour, recordings, some TV etc etc as well. Last project had a small label album/ single release albeit nothing that really went anywhere commercially. Ideally looking to contribute to a band (full or part time even) but happy to consider other projects too. Guitar influences mostly the 60s through to 90s and post Britpop so Clapton, Jeff Beck, Rory Gallagher, Townshend, Peter Green, John Squire, Nick McCabe, Marc Ford to name a few. Bands and artists, well I listen to a lot of varied stuff but probably BB King, later era Roses (Second Coming/ Seahorses), Small Faces/ Humble Pie, Richard Hawley, Magpie Salute/ Black Crowes, Doves and the Verve are some of the geetary folks I like. 

Also happy with Blues and Blues Rock, always been a fan and player of that genre too (again the usual Clapton, Freddie King, Albert King, BB, Peter Green, even Jimmy Page in his bluesier moments). Have played/ toured in bands like that as well. Pro equipment and transport no problem as is FX, acoustics and tons of mostly broken old valve amps too. Great hats, shoes and own teeth...

I've added a few uploads recently to my Youtube page so feel free to take a look and have a good laugh. Nothing special - just front room warrior phone clips. There's some rough home demos and also a couple of more polished promo clips added. Link for one here:

Feel free to get in touch if you need any more info and thanks for looking at this,



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