Virtual Collaboration!!!

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Hi All,

Current situation regarding Covid 19 and "social distancing" is clearly serious and necessary. My admiration and support for all those in vital jobs to keep going is without reservation. Hopefully individuals can follow the guidelines and we can limit the time for which this is necessary.

Many of us find ourselves without musical collaboration and unable to meet with band members or friends to share playing and singing together. I am one of these! 

I was thinking that there might be other musicians out there desperate to keep going, playing with others in some way? One suggestion I have is to share files and add to each other's work. For example, I have some songs recorded in Cubase Elements (10.5) which could benefit from having a bass guitar or even keyboard added. In return I can offer guitar parts or even a bit of banjo to other recordings.

I only have Cubase but others might be able to suggest alternative ways to collaborate online?

I am not a professional - only for fun - so I cannot promise pristine recordings but it could be a bit of fun and fill some time over the coming weeks. I play folky/bluesy/acoustic/electric stuff with Acoustic 6, Acoustic 12, National Resonator, Banjo as well as electric Guitar. 

Not sure if anyone is interested but open to all ideas as to find some way to play music with others for the foreseeable future.

Keep well

Best wishes


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