Victory V4 The Duchess Pedal Amp

So my buddies at Victory sent me the V4 pedal amp to check out for a bit. I'll be using it in some work stuff next week but thought I would give everyone a quick review. 

I've owned the Countess MkII head before. It was a great amp but I found there was just something missing. For me anyway. I tried the Duchess head (V40) in a store a few months ago and was blown away. Just did what I wanted it to do and had so many great tones in it. I've seen people comment on it being dark sounding. I didn't find that. It was clear, dynamic and just, well, great. 

Fast forward to getting the pedal version. Out of the box I noticed one thing that I really loved missing which was the voicing switch. It just gave it that little bit more ooomph. Not too much bother. Plugged it into my reference cab which is a Boogie 112. Turned it on and nearly took the windows out. For something that weights nothing, this amp is hella loud. I shouted bad words and my dog got all protective and ran in to make sure I was OK. 

Figured out the volume thing and started playing. There are 2 volumes. On the head one goes into drive territory. This one didn't so was a little disappointed about that. I like a little bit of bum fluff on my clean sound. Just a bit. This is super clean all the way up. The reverb sounds great, the tremolo sounds great and the eq is powerful. 

Trying it with pedals was the next test. I found with it being so clean, I had to add more gain than I usually would. I couldn't decide where I liked the eq best so set it for a nice Fendery clean and used drives that would work with that. Think Twin reverb and you're not too far off. It can get spikey if you're not careful but worth messing. The eq is powerful so plenty of messing you can do. 

4cm worked great. No problem there. 

All in all, I really like this. It's a ton of money and you could easily get a great valve amp for the same but this is now attached to a pedalboard and I can use it as a b rig. Or as my main amp and not worry about taking up too much space or having to lug it around. It's well worth checking out for sure. 

I play guitar and take photos of stuff. I also like beans on toast.

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    @rossyamaha - obviously there’s been no gigs, but have you used the V4 much since this initial review? I’m keen on the idea with one of the neo creamback cabs.
    This week's procrastination forum might be moved to sometime next week.
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