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All content not showing on Firefox

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Apologies if this has been brought up already. I've just noticed since yesterday or so that on Firefox some threads that have pictures embedded aren't showing them. For example in this thread - I can't see the picture(s) in the first post.

If I copy and paste the URL to Chrome it works fine. There's also an exclamation mark on the security padlock in the address bar, which when I click on it, says "parts of this page are not secure (such as images).

Any ideas? I don't have any ad blockers or anything similar enabled.
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  • digitalscreamdigitalscream Frets: 22326
    edited May 2020
    Dunno, it works fine in my copy of Firefox...?

    Clear your cookies, maybe?
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  • SnagsSnags Frets: 4040
    It will be because you're using Containers, and have Facebook running in the Facebook Container.

    It's because the Facebook Container stops FB doing all that cross-site tracking malarky, so you won't get any FB content in tFB. When people link to pictures hosted on FB you just get a blank message, or a gap in the message. Cut'n'paste the link into any other browser, or (if you can see it) right-click and choose to open the target in the FB container and it shows up.
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  • Switch625Switch625 Frets: 387
    Thanks for letting me know. I just had a look at my Firefox settings and under Browser Privacy I had Enhanced Tracking Protection set to Strict. After changing it to Standard the pages load up fine.
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