Second set of ears / co-writers wanted

I am planning on putting a few of my ideas together as an album, so to speak,
I have quite a few demos that have reached the point where they just need that elusive 3rd part, and most need some lyrical content, ie they are mainly riff based instrumentals that need finishing.
Does anybody want to get involved, as a co-writer, conspirator on these?
I work mainly on Reaper, and try to work towards final stem mixes, which I then have as mp3 files to wait for the inspiration to hit for the missing parts, but often I will start something new rather than actually finish anything-this nonsense has to stop.
So I am going to get a pile of around 10 of them and try to get something actually finished, it will give me something constructive to concentrate on.
I tend to build my ideas up from simple ideas,which I then make more interesting with drum parts, or bass synthy parts to try and evolve them, I prefer fairly heavy riffy stuff, but have gone with whatever sounds good to me.
I also like more ambient, moody sounding stuff, and people that hear it usually describe it as sounding like soundtrack music, I take that as a compliment.
Heres a link to my soundcloud,

It's not really representative of my current ideas, but is where I have put some of my mixing experiments, for reference and listening tests, there is a few of my original riffy stuff there though. It should give some idea of the sounds I am looking for.

Just fishing really.
andy k
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