Favourite guitar based theme tunes to TV shows/films.

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There's been some great theme tunes over the years where guitars are the main instrument - the Bond theme is the daddy of the lot of course, but many are long forgotten. 

I'm talking about dedicated compositions, not adaptations of existing tunes, so Top Gear's "Jessica" doesn't qualify, or Mock the Week's "News of the World".

I'll bet most of you will immediately think of "Drag Racer", the BBC Snooker theme, though we don't get to hear the excellent original version nowadays. 

But who remembers the terrific intro to "Callan" starring Edward Woodward, with the tremelo guitar and the exploding light bulb?

My favourite - until someone comes up with one I've forgotten - is probably the theme to "This Life" which I'm pretty sure at the time was credited to a band named Freeborn (I think one of the composers was Clive or Cliff Freeborn..?)  On Youtube it now seems to be performed by The Way Out but I'm sure that was originally the title of the tune.  Whatever, it's a great riff and easy to play.  

There must be loads of others.
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