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96/7 MusicMan Albert Lee SSS Trem - Blue
Beautiful guitar. Apparently the blue is a non-catalogue colour? All the original design features including sunken neck plate and non-silent pickups. There is one TINY mark which I struggled to find before photographing. If you can find an Albert Lee from this period with less fret wear, a cleaner fretboard and better all round condition I'd like to see it!
Fits perfectly in a strat case, though I got it without one so one is not included.

Mid-90s Gibson Les Paul Studio - Red
I've gigged this plenty and I played it every single day in my teens, usually for several hours a night. It's been naturally relic'd through playing and has had the number 5 sticker on it for 15 years or so. It's got marks and bumps but it sounds terriffic and is super solid. No neck breaks. I have the original tuners but it currently has the robots installed.
There's some flame on the top which is unusually handsome for a studio. Good wood era etc quality blah blah. Much lighter than my mate's LP classic of a similar vintage. Visually needs a fret dress but is probably the best playing of all my guitars and I've never felt the need to have it done.
Can potentially include Hiscox case.

80s Epiphone MIJ Riviera - Natural
Been on the fence about selling this before. It's finally on the block. Superb quality semi with one original Maxon pickup and Gibson Dirty Fingers in the bridge. Has had a fret dress and plays really nicely. Bought from a tour-hire company who had drilled it for left handed at some stage. There are 5 dowelled holes in total, 3 of which are covered by the sticker. Original, well used but perfectly serviceable Epi case included.

Late 90s Epiphone MIJ(?) Junior - White
Always assumed it was Korean but the serial number comes out as Japanese. Has faded a little. A previous owner had a sticker on it saying "SCIENTIST" which can just about be made out in the right light. Has had a new nut and new jack while I've had it. Served me well as my main gigging guitar in the early to mid 00s. Hardly played since and only kept for sentimentality. No case.

1996 MIJ Fender 72 Telecaster Thinline - Natural
My favourite guitar ever. Handsome grain, perfect neck for my hands and I really rate the pickups, even if they're not "real" wide rangers. Has just had a set up at Feline and a new selector switch. Has some fretboard marks and general dents on the body, some of which the prior owner has attempted to cover up with varying degrees of success.

Squier Japan Venus - Seafoam Green
Feel like I should keep this as an investment but I haven't played it in years. Despite how much I love how it looks it just sits in its case. Solidly built Japanese Squier and a really cool alternative to all your regular boring old Fenders.

Sterling Albert Lee - Powder Blue
Sounds terriffic. A real surprise for the price. Acoustically loud and with a generous, comfortable neck. Needs a little fettling to get the neck just right. Can arrange to have this done prior to sale. No case.

Fender FSR Malibu Mustang - LPB
Fun acoustic in beautiful Lake Placid Blue. Full scale but small bodied and with great upper fret access. Sounds chime-y on record and, well, I don't have much good to say about acoustics plugged in generally but it's certainly no worse than anything else! Tone controls are actually quite responsive and the built in tuner is a nice luxury. Has had a really nice set up by my local chap with D'Addario 12s. No discerbable marks on the guitar itself.

80s Fender F-250S solid top acoustic
Talking of boring old Fenders... Super solid workhorse of an acoustic. My folks bought me it for Christmas 20 years or so ago. The quality is far better than the price would suggest, but obviously it's not a Martin, Guild or Gibson so, grab a bargain I guess!

More pics on request, starting with these: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1ir0sjFsvcayqBpgb4tAxOjMj6LQTBtZx
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