WTB: Single cut: Maybach Lester, Eastman SB59, Gibson Studio, nice Greco/Burny/Edwards/Tokai

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I thought for a long time I didn't "get on" with Les Pauls. After months of playing my Studio and "pushing through" because I liked how it sounded in C standard for my band's stuff it turns out now I actually love the LP thing moreso than any of my other guitars. 

After missing out on @DrCornelius 's stunning Maybach I realise I've an ache in my belly for a nice singlecut to keep in a more reasonable tuning, preferably something with a burst finish and low output/PAFy pickups, would consider mini hums and P90s too. Having just secured a new job and been paid a nice bonus this morning I figure why not see what's out there? 

Ideally close to Manchester/Cheshire but I'll happily travel for the right one. Don't mind it being posted either provided a hard case etc. 

Though I realise it was a total  bargain, the £1095 that the aforementioned Lester was listed at is the top of my budget. - And I'd prefer to spend a bit less (who doesn't, eh?) 

Pic to break up my tedious block of text. Cheers! 

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