FS: Boss DD-2, Boss DD-3, Smoothhound Wireless

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All prices include P&P

All imagery (password = 6397J) at https://vinewineandmore.wordpress.com/2016/05/27/guitar-stuff-not-wine/

£125. Boss DD2, MIJ, S. No 662700

£90. Boss DD3, MIJ, bought off Fretboard from JezWynd, a couple of years ago, reputedly has the long chip ... 'Re the long chip DD-3. Here's a couple of pics. It's an early one with large power socket, a DD-2 in all but name as I understand it' ...., but no S.No., so I cannot claim this.

£100. Smoothhound wireless system
Bought new by me.
One of the two locating lugs on the battery lld is missing (see image), but this is locked securely in place by the velcro strap anyway. Includes the Neutrik adaptor and carrier. See https://www.smoothhound-innovations.com/classic-wireless-guitar-system

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