3 note per string scale VS the other type ( I dunno what its called :( )

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spev11spev11 Frets: 425
In a bid to expand my sloppy playing I'm knuckling down in the practice routines. I seem to be heavily biased towards rhythm playing (chords, power chords, finger picky and hybrid stuff) and , whilst I'm thoroughly enjoying myself I feel I need to expand both my theory (that's for another discussion but I'm currently doing the JustinGuitar course) and my technique for melody and lead orientated playing. I'm up to speed with Pentatonic Scales and getting Major scales shapes ( E shape and C shape in CAGED are in my fingers, the others less so)
 I see mentioned 3 note per string scales as a different option, whilst i'm a firm believer in you can't learn too much should I leave the three note variety till later? Or get it under my belt now? (My thinking stems from almost the first thing I learnt when I started playing was F Barre despite everyone telling me it would be a nightmare, it proved to be quite handy I thought)
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  • spev11spev11 Frets: 425
    nevermind, i've just had my mind blown (really) after reading the "things you know...." thread and the 1-3-5 etc thing. I had the same dizzy feeling once I'd learnt pentatonic minor shape 1 and being told I could start on any root note and the scale would work, I probably looked puzzled and then a little light bulb over my head, same here. 
    Still, wade in with any advice as to why one or t'other?
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  • When I used to take lessons, our teacher taught us scales in the 3 note per string form. Though he taught us that, he never said that's the correct way...because there is no correct way. It was taught to us just as a practical tool to visualise the notes on a scale and navigate around the fretboard. I wouldn't sweat that detail too much.

    I'll tell you what i was taught then that was more important than notes per string. Intervals and recognising each by ear. I'm still no expert at it but it's like a key that unlocks many many doors. 
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  • spev11spev11 Frets: 425
    Your right, there shouldn't be one better than the other, I do like the 1 3 5 thing for learning Major scales over the board though, I'm not bad at knowing the notes on each string and fret but I'm quite slow to get there :) ( i'm 53 and only started to play seriously in the last couple of years). Using 1 3 5 to find scales has improved my speed of thought and knowledge already and I only found out 30 mins ago. 
     I've been working at intervals,my ear isn't great but it is getting better using some of the tools now available (apps etc)
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  • LewyLewy Frets: 4427
    I use both together, in other words 3 note per string scales are just another overlay on top of the CAGED shapes. First I see the CAGED chord shape. Then I see the pentatonic. Then I see the 3 NPS scales as filler notes to that pentatonic. 
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  • sev112sev112 Frets: 2885
    @spev11 i see that Michael Pillitiere now has a nifty shortish video that demonstrates this so much easier than my crap descriptions; highly recommended

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  • Axe_meisterAxe_meister Frets: 4756
    I've done the pentatonic skelton method, CAGED (closely related) and 3 note per string. However I'm now going through a more intervalic approach, i.e. where is the the 6th/3rd/5th... from this note on the fretboard. And my playing is becoming a hybrid of them all. I recommend getting the Tom Qualte Solo app
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