Alnicov SSS 3-Ply Prewired Loaded Pickguard

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Having been thoroughly impressed by the Squier Strat that I bought off @Lez325 I eventually decided that the HSS configuration was not for me, plus I'm not a great fan of super-white pickguards. The Squier pickups were ceramic yet the neck and middle were really very good. The humbucker bridge, however, isn't something I like so never used it much and it didn't sound that good anyway. 

I therefore went for the cheap (£27) Alnicov loaded pickguard from Amazon, mainly for the three singles and the quasi aged look. It took me less than half an hour for the swap over and I had to use my drill to sort out some hole spacing. The new pickups are, of course, Alnico and not as “Fendery” as the originals, but still fine. Quite powerful, though, and I had to screw them almost flush with the body to avoid distortion on the low E. It was only then that I noticed that the gold coloured screws that came with the plate didn't have matching ones for the pickup screws so the whole thing looks a bit daft but that can be sorted later.

Anyway, I don't particularly recommend the Alnicov unless, like me, you're just looking for a quick inexpensive fix. They're fine for a hobby guitarist like myself but otherwise avoid. Having said that, I'm happy with the overall look.

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