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scrumhalfscrumhalf Frets: 7837
Well, here we are. The first Test of the "summer" is about to start, always a great moment.

However, I think there's s very real possibilty that we won't win a test in the next four series. NZ are no mugs, The Aussies will be looking to roll us over, Pakisatna in UAE will be hoping we are as ineffective against spin as we were last time and then we travel to South Africa for a fiar old challenge.

It'll be interesting to see how things go.

And if i was Jason Gillespie I'd run a mile from the coaching role. Maybe next year, after the dust has settled, but the coaching job for the next 12 months isn't one you'd think would be lining you up for glory.

But it's cricket. Strange things happen.

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