Chord voicings (Hollywood Nights - Bob Seger)

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It’s in E and the chord progression is (essentially)…

|: E | E | A/E | A/E | D/E | D/E | E | E

The first E sounds to me like it’s just a normal open E so no problems there.

The A/E - well A partially barred at the fifth fret definitely doesn’t sound quite right but then neither does an open A although it does sound closer to the original. The closest I’ve managed to work out is…


Next D/E - 000232 seems to work well enough, although I suspect it’s possibly played as 05423x so it’s easy to slide it up to…

The E at the end of the progression which I’m thinking is 076450.

Ok, I realise The Silver Bullet Band has more than just one guitar so the above is just my approximation for what’s going on.

Anybody play this? And if so then what voicings are you using?
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  • I think you pretty much have the voicings there you already mentioned - the second chord A with the major 3rd (Csharp) on the 5th string sounds particularly "right". The important thing is the constant bottom string E note as you go from E to A to D.

    Personally I think in the heat of battle with drums and bass piling on down the Dog and Duck you could probably get away with standard A, D and E chords even (!) - sacrilege I know - but as long as the bass player is behaving himself with that low E drone why not?!

    The most important part of the song is finding a drummer who can nail that swingy groove thing (which itself was 2 parts recorded separately on the record it says here on wikipedia...).
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    Sounds good to me - I'm not sure I'd bother with the open E at the top of the A chord, just go for 04222x.

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