My First Open Mic Night

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Well, I did it!! Last night I played my first open mic night and I bloody loved it!!

I went to one that said it was a small group at a local village pub and was beginner friendly.  I got there in plenty of time to find that it was actually held in a back room at the pub rather than in the bar.  They were a very friendly bunch of people who gave me a very warm welcome and made me feel very relaxed.  They asked if I had any preference to when I played and I said that I would like to play maybe second or third after the initial warm up singalong that they do.  

When end my turn came I was so nervous but thought "well, I just have to go for it".  It was far from my best performance, I didn't sing out like I normally do and my playing was rather ragged but none the less I did it!  I got through both songs without crashing and burning or freezing.  Yes, I could have done it better (but then I am always going to think that I hope because if I don't it means I am just being conceited), yes I was nervous as hell but..... I BLOODY LOVED IT!!!!

Next time I won't be so nervous, I will make sure I am better rehearsed and will look forward to it.  if I am honest it is more of a club than what I know as a true open mic night but it's a good starting point.  My game plan now is to do their one at the end of November and then after Christmas I am going to do a proper open mic in the bar of a pub to push me a bit further.

thank you all for your support and encouragement leading up to last night.  I can't stop smiling today! 
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