Acoustic options, £750-1500?

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I’ve been looking to get another acoustic recently, my current one is a mid-nineties EJ200 that I’ve had from new. I fancy something as a contrast, physically smaller (that doesn’t rule much out…) and decent quality. So far, I’ve tried Taylor 612 & 614 (lovely setup, uninspiring sound), Gibson LG2 (nice sound, mediocre factory setup), Yamaha and Larivees at c.£1k (can’t remember the models, just OK feel and sound). Some ‘nice’ stuff, just nothing I’ve bonded with. Although not exactly fitting the bill in terms of size, my fave so far was a S/H Tanglewood TW1000CE that a salesman suggested. Guild M140 or M40 on the radar if I can find one to try. Not sure what else to try up to £1500, any thoughts? Mostly folk, strumming, some fingerpicking. TIA, Brian
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