Winners Of theFretboard End Of Year Challenge 2017

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I am proud to announce the worthy winner is of theFretboard End Of Year Challenge 2017 is <imagine fanfare here>:

1st place: @BRISTOL86 with a total of 20 points. Well done for an excellent festive entry.

There were two entries that each had 17 points. As there are three prizes, it was necessary come up with a method of selecting 2nd and 3rd place. After much deliberation with @TTony it was decided to apply a (sort of) 'Olympic Rules' system :) .

2nd place: @DulcetJones with 17 points (including two votes in 1st place and two votes in 2nd place)

3rd place: @kriszuki with 17 points (including two votes in 1st place and one vote in 2nd place). Hopefully that's OK. Feel free to appeal to the Referee if that system seems unfair and it will be referred to arbitration :)

Thanks to all that participated for the great entries.

Starting with @BRISTOL86, I'll message each of the winners in turn (in order of placement) to select their prizes.

Here's a reminder of the prizes, thanks to the generosity of some of our business members.

  • Donated by @TheGuitarWeasel ;;;;;;;;;
    £50 off any set of Oil City pickups (costing over £100).
    Pretty much all of us know Ash and his products, and many of us already have the benefit of his pickups in our guitars.
    But if you've somehow not stumbled across them yet, take a look at:
  • Donated by the Major @ThorpyFX ;;;;;;;;;
    A CHAIN HOME Tremelo pedal.
    I might just have saved the best-til-last with this one!
    For all the detail on this - and all his other pedals - check the website (and read some of the recommendations) at

It's not a competition.
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