SOLD Swanflight pedalboard—2 tier lightweight flightcase

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High quality pedalboard flightcase with lightweight flight panels. The two tiers are really useful and make stepping on that back row of pedals much easier. It also provides a handy place to mount a power supply. The carrying handle is comfy even for long periods, and it's a really solid bit of kit.

I've still got most of the roll of velcro it came with, which I will include. I mostly attached pedals to the board using the bike chain link method, and I've got plenty of links and self-tapping screws if you'd like me to throw some in.

Internal dimensions: Lower level 586mm x 377mm - Second level 435mm x 200mm

External Dimensions: 430mm(W) x 200mm(H) x 630mm(L)

According to the Swan Flight website, these weigh about 9kg, but mine has the lightweight 'flight panels' option (an extra £19.06), so it weighs just 6.8kg.

Here is the Swan Flight page about them. At their current 'special offer' price, the basic version board costs £127.05 (+£18.23 delivery). To have the flight panels version including shipping the total is £164.34.

At the bottom left the carpet is wrinkled where it came loose and I stuck it back down. This is a known issue with heavy pedals on Swan Flight boards, and if you want to use it with a very heavy pedal I suggest using the bike chain link method, or otherwise bolting them to the board. I've had no problems with velcro on lighter pedals though. There are a couple of light scuffs on the flight panels (which will probably wash off). Otherwise it is in excellent condition. Both catches work smoothly and securely. 

£70 delivered. SOLD.

Wah pedal is for sale separately, not included! It's pictured here for scale, and to show that you can fit another pedal or wireless receiver in the space above it.

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