Black country customs (Laney) TI Boost

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nick79nick79 Frets: 161
I'm interested in this as it seems like on paper it could be quite good, it's basically a copy of Tony Iommi's old Dallas Rangemaster but with a couple of extra additions. Plus it's a Tony Iommi sig pedal..... 
If i could figure out how to embed a youtube vid i would, but i can't for the life of me figure it out...

Anyway, my question is has anyone got one or tried one? If so what do you reckon? Part of me thinks its over priced and i could find something cheaper to do the same job (Basically want it to run into a slightly breaking up amp to give some old style Sabbath tones) 
Currently use a Tubescreamer but this looks like it might be more versatile?
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