FS Kinkade Clifton





Beautiful guitar! I’ve had it for about 4 years and I love it and it sounds immense!

Sadly I can’t justify having such a quality guitar considering both my financial situation and the lack of play it is getting! 

Jonny K did some work on it just before I bought it so it is on tip top playing condition. It has clearly been looked after as it has very few cosmetic blemishes and certainly no structural faults. 

I dont know much about its build spec and why it has an inlay of a flying pig but I will ask the great man himself. It also has a passive piezo but no onboard preamp (you couldn’t cut a hole in this beautiful body!). 

To have one built now would cost over £2500 so for a nicely opened up acoustic (that’s what they say - don’t know what it means!) that plays like butter (ditto!!!) I would like £1500.

It is in Bristol (near where it was born!) and you are welcome to come and have a strum. 

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