LED Guitars - Spectrumaxe

I've just joined this forum after having met the guys representing The Fretboard at the Guitar Show in Birmingham yesterday. I showed them my latest LED guitar invention that I took to the show with me and their response was something along the lines of "Wow" and  "how on earth did you make that"? They said I was welcome to join this forum and to post up some information about the Spectrumaxe on this forum, so hence the reason for my posting today. 

I've invented a type of guitar, that I've called the "Spectrumaxe", that has dynamically responding LEDs fitted into the fretboard, and also into the guitar body of my latest acrylic plastic bodied version.

If anyone's interested in this kind of thing, maybe you'd like to get in touch.

I also have a website at www.spectrumaxe.com


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