Unusual trade. Guitar wanted for a Tattoo (Professional)

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Just a just a chance for you young happening cats to indulge in some body modification..

I'm looking to trade Tattoos for guitars, amps, pedals etc.

Now for my part I run a well established Tattoo studio for the past 5 years. I'm offering a trade for the start and completion of a tattoo.. obviously of your choice unless you fancy me designing you something in my style... which happens to be bespoke watercolour pieces which are very popular.

This is in a professional environment for legal reasons I can't travel and do it in your living room aha.. plus sterility etc.

More details will be discussed if you decide to take me up on this offer. I am busy but you will be booked as a priority and will do this on my day off ~ so you'll get pampered..tea and music aha.

these are some examples of my work;


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