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OK, it's looking like this event might just about be viable.  Still like a few (10 or so!) more people to sign up, but in the meantime we'll plan as if it's going ahead.

So, first item on the planning list is the setlist.

We'll base it around the core of songs that have been played at Quad, at Huddersfield, at Northampton and at Waterrats, but we've got some new people coming along to this one, so lets have some new suggestions too.

Looking for up to 3 suggestions each.  Bear in mind that we're mainly guitarists, so songs that really need a full brass section are probably out.  Similarly, we rely on "enthusiasm" from our vocalists, so songs that need a 4 octave range and the ability to hit high C (or A, B, D, E, F or G) are also probably out.

Experience probably shows that a simple song is easier to do well, and a simple song done well is better than a complicated song that's ballsed up.

That said ... lets's have your 3 suggestions, which we'll trim down so that we've got a manageable number to play across Sat & Sun.  Apologies in advance if none of your suggestions make it (which may well happen!)

 @markblagdon @vasselmeyer ; @ArchtopDave @LuttiS @thomasross20 @modellista @CustomPedalBoards  @sticker ;@m_c ;@TimmyO @shuikit @guitars4you @Phil_aka_Pip @darthed1981 @Snags @pmbomb @McToot @SteveRobinson ;

@Fandango @TheOtherDennis @richardhomer @Rowby1 - suggestions from your part-timers too please.

 @Sasquatch_Bob ;
 @Legionreturns ;
 @Bridgehouse ;
 @digitalscream ;

If anyone tagged doesn't want to play on anything, please say that too so that I don't continually chase you for your suggestions.  And remember to bring a doctor's note confirming your reason for opting out

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