Best Budget Guitar/bass MultiFX Pedal (under £400 second hand)

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Glaw343Glaw343 Frets: 7
Hi everyone, not looking to buy quite yet but I'm starting Uni in september and I need something to practice with, Understandably I can't bring my valve amp and pedalboard or the people I'll be living with will want to kill me, I'm not looking for high end stuff like axefx or helix etc but I had a Line 6 floor pod plus ages ago and to call it shit is an understatement, I just need something good with decent sounds. it needs to be portable (no rack unit stuff just looking for an all in one pedal) have a headphone out for silent practicing in uni accomodation as well as be able to plug into an amp when necessary, needs to have decent built in effects, distortion etc suitable for recording assignments with a decent guitar sound, a decent tuner would be a plus too but I'm not worried about that as I have a polytune 2 mini so that will fit in my guitar case, another big plus would be if it plugs in with a standard IEC cable as opposed to those stupid power adapters that always break but I know that's unlikely on budget gear, any help anyone can give me would be really appreciated. cheers. :)
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