Deluxe reverb head shells?

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BlacksheepBlacksheep Frets: 285
Anyone know where these are available at a reasonable price?

Dug my old, forgotten and very battered DRRI out of the barn the other day. It has sat there and rusted or been shat upon by sparrows for about five years. Out of curiosity/boredom I wired up a Greenback and inserted some valves, plugged it in, put on protective clothing and hit the on switch. F*** moi, it not only worked but sounded pretty good.

I don’t want to spend out on having the entire combo refurbed because it would need an almost total rebuild. But if I could slip the amp and reverb tank into a relatively inexpensive head shell it would make a good spare gigging head.

Or, and I realise I am starting to sound slightly disturbed here, has anyone ever cut down a DRRI to head size? Is this even possible without advanced woodworking skills?

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