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Listening to music is one of lifes great hidden pleasures IMHO.  Many years ago someone got the idea of packaging the music with a video.  As most of us can really only concentrate on one thing at a time, I can only speculate why the music is dumbed down by a video, a video which often has little to do with the song or is mimed by the band.

To make matters worse, the audio content is very low bitrate, thus sounding shite.  So why not ditch the video (a picture of the band would suffice) and increase the bitrate of the music.

This video is a typical example of what I am writing about:


For our band's dancing gig this Sunday [dancing as in waltzes, foxtrots, general jump around wedding type music etc,], we have included 'Shut up and dance' on our setlist.  The song itself is plain silly, banal and only for the brain dead, but it goes down well with the jump around wedding music dancers.  The audience know the punch line 'Shut up and dance' and the rest of the song could be about the World Cup for all they know or care.  So to try and do the song justice, I did my best to learn it from the video alluded to above.  The bass is indistinct to say the least and there are almost zero dynamics - this could be improved if the video was dropped and with better sound.  Despite the crappy sonics, I got a passable version down for my bass.

That process took a few evenings work.  No way was I going out to buy the CD of the song, even if the song is released on CD.  I have my pride or at least most of it left....
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