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This is a bit late but I have been very busy over the past several days preparing to move house (or not, depending on the 7 other moves in my chain!) It's also taken a few days to recover from the shock.

Anyway, last Thursday evening I attended the Mark Holcomb/Nick Johnston guitar clinic at Peach Guitars in Colchester. As well as putting on another great guitar event, they were also trying to raise some money for a really good cause, so I donated online and duly purchased some raffle tickets on the way in. 

Needless to say, the clinic was fantastic. I saw Nick Johnston at Peach in April and he is jaw droppingly good as well as being an entertaining speaker. I would urge anyone that hasn't heard of him to check him out on YouTube. I had heard of Mark Holcomb but only by virtue of his signature PRS guitars. (I think Peach used to have an 8 string model that was over £10k). The demographic of those attending was very different to the clinic in April with many younger attendees who were clearly fans of Periphery and Mark Holcomb. My friend informed me that Periphery are a progressive metal band, which is not a genre to which I have previously been exposed. Mark Holcomb is a remarkably good guitar player and I've been checking out Periphery online every day since. CDs are on order too! Powerful in your face stuff but with real technical proficiency.

The highlight of the evening for me, as it turned out, was the raffle. Ticket Green 429 was picked out of the box and moments later Mark Holcomb was handing me his signature PRS SE!  A little later he signed the control plate too. Here it is:-

I must admit that a PRS would not normally have been high on my GAS list but, having lived with it for several days now, I absolutely love it. It came tuned to drop C with 10 - 52 strings (for that prog metal thing) but this is a surprisingly versatile guitar. I'm just delighted with it and so grateful to Peach Guitars for putting on the whole thing. Good times!
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