GONE: 2x Simms Watts (Fane) cast frame 12" speakers (16 Ohm, 50W)

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Would hang on to these, but nowhere to store them long term, and don't have a cab to mount them in.  They came out of an old Simms Watts combo that I was given for free by a fellow forum member.  I've gutted and remodelled the combo cab with a pair of new speakers, so these need a home.  Both fully functional, no coil scrape, and they sound good.  They're Fane-manufactured cast frames, so pretty hefty.  The aluminium dust cap was cracked on one of them (see picture below)...I patched this with a strip of aluminium foil tape, but there's no reason you couldn't replace the dust caps all together if you were bothered.  Pics!

They cost me nothing, so if you can pick them up (just outside Norwich) then I'm not after anything for them.  I would be prepared to send them at your expense.  Like I said, they're fairly heavy, so I'd guess it would be somewhere in the region of £20-30 to post the pair.  Let me know, and I'll try and get a more exact shipping quote.

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